Queen of Hearts raffle ticket for sale. Drawings after lodge meetings.
​Lodge dues are due by April don't let them become delinquent.

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Queen of Hearts Drawing

  • Raffle is open to Lodge members and guest.
  • If you draw the Queen of Hearts you will receive 50% of the pot and the Lodge 50% if you are not present you will receive 25% and the Lodge 75%.
  • If you draw a Joker you will receive $20.00 and any Queen other than the Queen of Hearts will pay $10.00.
  • The Raffle Committee consist of the Trustees of the Lodge.
  • Game starts with 54 cards (including Jokers).
  • Tickets are $1.00 each
  • Print your name on the ticket only one name per ticket and write two choices for numbers you would like drawn if you are not present.
  • Two ticket will be drawn on lodge night. If ticket is pulled without a name or more than one name that ticket will be considered void and another ticket will be drawn.
  • Drawing will be held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month 30 minutes after lodge meeting is over.. Sales will closed at 25 min after lodge meeting. If you are not present for the drawing a number will be picked for you if you have not made a number request on the ticket. 
  • All tickets will be discarded after each drawing and new tickets for the next  drawing may be purchased.
  • All chosen cards will be displayed until the Queen of Hearts is drawn.
  • The game ends and a new game starts when the Queen of Hearts is drawn.

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